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Roberts Passive House Blog

Roberts Passive House Blog

We continue to push the envelope – the building envelope, that is – with innovative projects. And we hope by sharing our research, design process, and project details, we can inspire others to pursue sustainable solutions. The Roberts Passive House Blog tells more . . .

In the summer of 2016, Phil and Melinda Roberts did something many would consider crazy. They fired their architect and scrapped plans to build their dream house. Spurred not by a whim but a mission to create the most energy efficient home possible, they restarted the project with a team of Passive House experts who are committed to working collaboratively for the best possible results. When completed, their new home will be the first Certified Passive House in Burlington County, N.J. The collaborative blog between C2 Architecture and Hugh Lofting describes the story.

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Post 1: Introducing the Roberts Passive House

Post 2: Inspiration and Design

Post 3: Demolition of the Old House

Post 4: Pre-Fabricated Basement and Wall Assemblies

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